Why Tillman is Different…

These are a few things that help Tillman stand out in a crowded room. We treat our projects like they were happening in our own favorite space.
Ownership of the Project

Your project is treated as if it was happening in our own personal space. We know how important this is to you… we’ve been there. A structural improvement of any kind is one of the largest investments you may ever make in a lifetime. We take ownership of the project and take care of everything for you and with you.

Comprehensive Estimating

We don’t like to rush into this major part of the process. We are up front and honest about what it’s going to take to do your project right. Our detailed estimates, including exact design elements, will let you know everything about your project before we start on it.

Design Specifications

A great effort is made to be as detailed as possible when it comes to the specifics of your project. We will work with you all the way through the process to pick out and hunt down the even smallest element of what makes this project especially yours. You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience with every detail.

Employee Accountability

Every one of our employees has a stake in this process. We make sure that the people you deal with on a daily basis possess honest principles and high character. They understand that their effort toward your project is a personal reflection on them.

Project Integrity

We strive to work alongside our clients to come up with the best solutions to every aspect of a project. Sometimes you may not even know what you need or want until we really get down to business. We are as open as possible with you about things such as budgets, values, timelines and realistic outcomes.

Security for Your Job

We are always prepared to do right by a client. If something does not meet your standards we will be very proactive to make it right. You have our guarantee of quality and solid workmanship.

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