February, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Tillman Companies was recommended to us for a small 10,000 dollar job seven years ago. Although a small job, Tillman Companies treated us well, finished the job on time, and graciously accommodated our demands. Allen Tillman and his crew exceeded my expectations and did everything as I requested. The end product was everything that we wanted and more. It is my philosophy that anything worth doing is worth doing better and I expect constant growth in my employees as well as in my contractors. Growth does not occur unless criticism is offered and I’ve offered lots of criticism over the past 7 years. Tillman Companies has always taken my criticism seriously and made strides towards the perfection that I seek. This is one of their greatest strengths.

The next time we had a renovation that cost 750,000 dollars; we didn’t even take bids, we gave the business to Tillman. The next job was a million dollar renovation which we also gave to Tillman without hesitation. After that, we purchased a second building and gave the 1.5 million dollar remodeling contract to Tillman Companies. We now have one of the most beautiful offices in Knoxville. Everyone that comes to visit us always compliments our offices immensely. The credit is all due to Tillman Companies for their honesty, hard work, eagerness, and trustworthiness.

Sincerely, H. M. H.


March 20, 2009

Dear Allen,

You have done a great job on AMS renovation and I am grateful to you and your people for a job well done. You were on time and on budget and did it all with a smile. I also want to thank you for the day-to-day management of the project. We look forward to continue to have you help us.

-H. M. H.

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