RockTenn Project

Tillman recently had the privilege of working at one of the most advanced package printing facilities in Tennessee at RockTenn. In the past few months we’ve worked to replace portions of their factory floor with reinforced concrete that was poured to the exact specifications and structure to match their evolving production parameters.

We removed existing equipment foundations which consisted of 124,000 lbs. of concrete and excavated of 688,000 lbs. of dirt. We then poured new foundations consisting of 550 yards of concrete engineered for 500,000 lbs. of equipment and used 14 tons of rebar for the concrete reinforcement. We also installed new lighting and electrical service for the machinery.

This entire project had to be completed without interrupting the daily flow of operations at this facility. This meant that other electric machines were constantly operating during normal working hours within the same space. On top of that, this project had to be completed in 8 weeks.

We were excited to be an integral part of such an important and challenging project. Below are several photos that show some of the construction process along the way.

Please feel free to read this nice reference letter from RockTenn.