Site Inspection / Observation Reports

It’s always better to deal with potential construction problems before they start… that’s when Tillman can make sure that any project stays on the right track. We know what a job should look like… therefore we can help lenders during the loan process who are interested in keeping their investment secure. You can think of us like your construction “guardian angel”… your advocate on the job site.

-Helping financial institutions understand the value of any property for any reason

-Establishing acceptable levels of engineering due diligence

On-Site Physical Inspections

  • Real-time Reports
  • Photos of the Current Status
  • Adherence to Construction Schedule
  • Quality of Materials and Workmanship
  • Verify Applications for Payment including stored materials/C.O.
  • Percentage Complete Analysis


Feel free to look over this actual inspection report that was completed by Tillman-

Example Report


Inspection Photos

Here are a few photos from various site inspections that Tillman has been involved in. These are just a few images that we found interesting… there are hundreds if not thousands of images from job-site visits over the years. It’s amazing how striking the photos can be from sites that can often be a jumbled assortment of materials and construction workers.

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