Tillman Commercial Special Services

There are some projects we work on that are slightly undefined… they may have a commercial or residential component, but they’re different enough to be called “special”.

Many companies will not take the time or effort to work on these kinds of projects because they may be especially challenging or are smaller than most other jobs. Tillman makes a concerted effort to help people out where we can and take on these projects that must be completed with integrity for the client.

Here are some photos of our work for Provision Physical Therapy where we installed a Redcord rehabilitation system. The Redcord system works by suspending and elevating individuals so that their physical recovery may proceed at a faster rate and in a healthier way. Check out the above links to their websites to learn more about this system. The platform had to be securely mounted to the concrete structure of the building… we also installed the underpinnings for two future Redcord systems at Provision.

Here are a few photos of another special services project where Tillman repaired a damaged foundation column for a light pole in the Food Lion parking lot in Tellico. Of course, the old damaged pole base had to be removed and a new steel reinforced concrete column built in its place. It seems like a simple project, but it must be done with care and safety in mind when in a public space like this parking lot.