Commercial Construction

Can the possible pitfalls of a large and complex construction project be avoided? Will your commercial project be completed on time and according to your standards? Can your business afford to use a “hit or miss” approach?

Or… Could your expectations be surpassed by how well the project turned out?

Give Tillman a chance to answer all these questions and more. Give us a chance to show you that complicated projects are our specialty. Your next project will become our most important priority. With Tillman, the most daunting of jobs can become more than you imagined.


Take a moment to look at a few of these pictures of our recent commercial projects. We think you’ll get a better idea of why we say “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Check out these Complete Family Care medical office building renovation photos.

Check out these Technology for Energy Corporation (TEC) office renovation photos.

Check out these AMS (Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation) office and tech lab renovation photos.

Check out these Elder Law Offices renovation progress photos. And these photos of the completed renovation.

Commercial Before & After photos…

More commercial photos…