Recent Project Has Fantastical Lighting

Check out a few photos of just how creative and unique the lighting was at one of our recent projects. Stick around for more updates on the rest of the cool features at this home remodel.

unique lighting

A variety of unique lighting









Impactful Letter from a Client

We love to be able to share letters like this that have a real lasting message about the kind of company we strive to be.

We’re also very thankful to have clients who care enough to write such kind words about our commitment to positive principles.


A kind letter from a client to Tillman



















Empire State Vertigo

At Tillman, we always take safety seriously. However, it seems that safety wasn’t always a huge concern in the construction industry.

Check out these great photos from a bygone era of work on the Empire State Building in New York.


Visual Tours Office Renovation Complete

Be sure to take a look at a few photos of our recently completed office renovation for Visual Tours. We always appreciate a chance to help our clients toward success in their business. Tillman worked to update many aspects of the new office area, including ceilings, floor coverings, wall locations, and electrical utilities. Visual Tours can now display their unique perspective on the world in a comfortable new office space.


Loft Condo Renovation Complete

Check out this one-bedroom condominium loft renovation that was completed by Tillman. The renovation included the main living area, kitchen and master bathroom. You’ll notice how the exposed original brick walls add warmth and charm to the space inside this historic building in downtown Knoxville.


Great Write-up in Cityview Magazine About Tillman Companies!

Check out this super-nice article about Tillman and our growth as a company… along with our construction philosophy and a little more about us.

Cityview is Knoxville’s premier magazine and often focuses on the economic development of East Tennessee.

We’re grateful to our amazing clients and to all those who’ve helped us build our reputation and made our success possible!

Here’s the link to see the magazine and read the full article.


Article about Tillman Companies in Cityview magazine










Tillman Team

Here’s a recent photo of our team here at Tillman.








Learn more about the personnel at Tillman Companies



Seriously Eco-Friendly Home

There probably aren’t that many people who’ve heard of rammed earth construction. But the image of this home showing the visible sediment layers in the walls proves how neat the concept is… and the potential that it has.

Check it out…



Garage in France Converted Into Living Space

If you don’t mind the subtitles, make sure you check out this video below showing the ins and outs of this fascinating garage conversion in France. It’s amazing what you can do with a space to make it comfortable and functional in different ways. The historical context of the area is neat too.



Small Cabin With Huge Appeal

Check out this cabin that looks tiny and plain from the outside, but maximizes the interior space with great design and comfortable living features. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter how much space you have… just what you’re able to do with it.

See all the photos and learn more…