• Residential Construction

    Where our seamless building process creates a new vision for the homeowner.

  • Commercial Construction

    Where complex concepts are transformed into tangible and magnificent spaces.

  • Construction for Homes

    Superior standards and materials are used to turn our clients’ dreams into realities.

  • Construction for Businesses

    Our team of dedicated professionals handles the large jobs with a balanced focus.

  • Consulting Services

    Experience and expertise in everything from site inspection to project management.

  • Customer Feedback

    These testimonials are a tribute to our emphasis on client satisfaction.

    For over a decade now Tillman has been building high-quality construction projects. While there’s no doubt we’ve enjoyed working on these projects, our true goal is to build solid relationships with our clients. In fact, it would be safe to say that those relationships are at the very core of what we do. Our goal is to provide the best overall construction experience to our customers. That not only includes using the best methods, materials and personnel for every project, but also making sure the client and their wishes remain the most important aspects of every job.

    We’d love an opportunity to show you why we’re different and how we can work together to transform any project into a masterpiece. We’re a full-service construction company… meaning we start with the design process and can finish with the furniture if necessary. We add long-term value to any project. As your trusted advocate on the job site, we’ll save you time and money in the long run.


    Our combination of unprecedented personal service and unrivaled attention to detail allows us to complete projects that will “impress the neighbors” and also be done within a desirable framework. Our employees genuinely care about every aspect of your project because they have a stake in the process. Everyone is individually accountable for each project along with being dedicated to the performance of our company as a whole. Together we have over 170 years of construction experience to put toward your next project.

    TC_logo2_line10Allen Tillman founded this company in 2002 with the hopes of doing things differently. We want to break away from stale and cumbersome ways of doing construction. With our next-level philosophy and our high standards of workmanship you’re able to get the best of both worlds… a superb finished product and a guarantee of steadfast principles. We pride ourselves on clean work-sites, timely processes and well-informed clients.


    One of our missions at Tillman Companies is to have our clients want to do business with us again and again. Honest and forthright relationships with our customers form the stable foundation that we’re built on.

    Tillman… Constructing Excellence